Currently, the demand for retrofit lighting is at its peak. So, if you want to leverage the experience of modern or energy-efficient retrofit lighting in Oshawa, consult our service. We have worked in the lighting sector for many decades, and we have executed hundreds of successful retrofits lighting projects.

We provide an innovative solution for short and long-term energy savings. We can install retrofits lighting everywhere, from warehouses to retail businesses to factories, gyms, schools, churches, outdoors, etc.

We provide energy optimization solutions in the form of retrofit lighting in Oshawa. Our vision is to deliver the best possible outcome that matches our client's requirements. Hire our electricians and evaluate your current system to determine an energy-saving experience.

At Geebo Electric, we provide dedicated service to our valued customers and strive to provide cost-effective retrofit lighting service. Get in touch with us for a free consultation, whether repair or retrofit lighting installation.